Angry Birds Party Favors at $2 or Less

Who wouldn’t want an Angry Birds party these days? Here are some of the ideas for the gifts of little guests.

(for general Angry Birds party ideas and supplies please check out this page first.)

Very Affordable Angry Birds Party Favors

10. Stickers And Tattoos

Angry Birds stickersThese are the classic party favor items that your little guests would expect in their goodies bag.

Each pack of stickers comes with multiple sheets, so if you get one sheet for each bag it should cost around $1.5 for child. Pins also costs around the same price, but tattoos are more expensive.

9. Silly Bandz

Angry birds silly bandzThis is one of the hottest items at school and kids love to trade their bandz. So it would be super “double” cool to get a few of silly bandz in the shapes of Angry Birds characters.

Each band costs around $0.1 so you can grab a few packs and show them into the favor bags.

8. Shoe Charms

Angry Birds shoe charmsAngry Birds shoe charms would be something more out of the ordinary and would be a great party favors if you are looking for something more unique. These are the standard show charms that would fit any crocs.

They cost around $2 each — not cheap but affordable — if you want a more special gift idea for the guests.

7. Socks

Angry Birds socksOK. This cost more than $2 but I think they are so cute. These are cool socks that would fit both kids and adults who adores Angry Birds (and the pigs). The pack contains 5 pairs of socks so it will end up to be <$3 for each pair.

While this is certainly not the cheapest item you can get for party favors this is certainly good value for money.

6. Key Chains

Comes with a pack of 12, they are ideal as favors for the Angry Birds party.

5. Cake Toppers

Angry Birds cake toppersNot only that the cake toppers can instantly help you create an impressive Angry Birds cake, they can be given away as favors to the little guests afterwards. Each of them would function both as a gift and a keepsake for years to come.

Another great news is that each little characters will cost <$1!


Angry birds bookmarkFor parents who would like to encourage children to read (despite the fact that they allow the kids to play Angry Birds) may be interested in these bookmarks as party favors.

There are two designs available currently and each costs ~$2.


3. Backpack clips

angry birds plush backpack clipThis is another gift idea that school children would love. Who wouldn’t want to decorate their school bag with the coolest and cutest Angry Bird?

Depending on whether discounts are available each clip can cost <$1 to $4, so check out this backpack clip page for the current good deals.

2. Angry Birds Figurine

Angry Birds mini figureThese are amazingly well-made bobble heads that would make a really nice ornaments on the desk or car dashboard. Depending on whether there are discounts available it can cost ~$2 each.

They look awesome as a set and I would hate to give them away separately, but these are very nice individually as affordable party favors or gift ideas.

1. The Angry Birds…

What is my #1 recommendations? Stay tuned for the update on this page which will be revealed in a few days!

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