Angry Birds Birthday Cakes: 10 Inspiration And Ideas (Plus Video)

Angry Bird green pig birthday cakeHere are 10 Angry Birds Birthday Cake ideas that will wow every one of my readers! Some of these are from professional bakeries while others are created by loving moms and dads (yes, dads) at home.

I would like to thank all the photographers to allow me to post these pictures via creative commons license.

Angry Birds Birthday Cakes From Professionals

I believe the following cakes are created by professionals so don’t feel bad if you aren’t going to make anything close to these — but they offer great inspiration and ideas for us to excel our cake making in our own way.

1. Angry Birds cake in amazing detail

Angry Birds birthday cake for kids

This cake by schmish features the opening scene when the angry birds become angry. Cute, clever and amazing!

2. Bird vs Pig

Angry Birds birthday cake

Titled Bird vs Pig, this amazing Angry Birds cake by Laura Finlay won the 1st prize at the Capital Confectioners’ 7th Annual Sugar Art Show & Cake competition, Adult beginner section. Well done Laura!

3. Angry Birds brought to real life

Angry birds birthday cake for kids

This is a very elaborate birthday cake made by a cluster of cupcakes with birds, pigs, boulders and grass crafted with great detail. Excellent work by CakewalkBU3.

4. Cute Angry Birds Cake For A Baby Girl

Angry Birds birthday cake for kids

A cute little cake by totcupcakes against a cheerful sky blue background for a cheerful baby girl.

5. Another cake featuring the opening scene

Angry Birds birthday cake

This cake by fonatic is professionally wrapped by colorful fondants. Nice!

6. Awesome display cake

Angry Birds birthday cake

A signature display cake from Noe Valley Bakery in California. Photo taken by Seven Morris.

DIY Angry Birds Birthday Cake Ideas

Now that we have looked at the wonderful creation from the professionals, let’s look at what moms (and dads) have done in their kitchen with these DIY Angry Birds cakes.

Yes, you can definitely create these birthday cakes yourself. Have fun!’

7. Birthday Cake for a lucky guy

DIY angry birds cake

I think this is such a sweet and creative cake. Great job Linda!

8. Playable Angry Birds cake

DIY angry bird birthday cake

A super fun, “playable” birthday cake with the Angry Bird theme. See how creative they are using in making the boulders!

Urban Sea Star followed the tutorial from the awesome Mike Cooper in which you will see in the video below.

9. A 2-Dimentional Birthday Cake

DIY angry bird birthday cake

Not too sure whether this is made by a bakery or a home kitchen, but should be simple enough for us to try. Photo courtesy of sillypucci.

10. Last But Not Least… Have You Seen This?

Parents and master baker made a fabulous Angry Birds cake for little Ben (who is turning 6) to demolish! You can learn how to make this by watching the birthday cake tutorial here.

Well, If This Is Too Much For You To Handle…

Angry Birds birthday party

Love these cupcake wrappers, table labels, party circles and banners? This is a cute set of printables that you can easily print, cut and assemble yourself for small and big parties alike!

Please visit this fabulous shop for more photos and description on each party items.

If You Look For A Completely Hassle-Free Party Planning…

angry birds party pack

These Angry Birds party pack come into rescue! Besides these convenient paper plates, napkins and balloons, they have cake toppers — simply bake/get a standard cake and put these little figurines on top to make an impressive Angry Bird cake yourself. Enjoy the party!

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